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Whether you are looking to buy an NFA Weapon (like a silencer) or are looking for a great estate planning tool for your standard firearms, an NFA Trust is the right choice for you. The attorneys at Nelsen Law Offices have drafted hundreds of NFA Trusts for satisfied clients and are regularly retained by companies and law firms across the nation to help with NFA weapon related issues. You can trust you are in good hands having Nelsen Law Offices draft your NFA Trust.

An NFA Trust offers several benefits, two of which are especially noteworthy. First, an NFA Trust makes owning NFA (or Title II) weapons significantly easier and more enjoyable. If an individual purchases an NFA weapon (without an NFA Trust) they are generally the only ones allowed to use, possess, transport or have access to that weapon. However, if an NFA Trust purchases that same weapon anyone you add to the Trust (called Co-Trustees) may use, possess, store or transport that weapon. Meaning, if you ever want anyone else to use or have access to your silencer or other NFA weapon, an NFA Trust is the right choice for you. 

Second, NFA Trusts are a great estate planning tool. Federal law strictly regulates how Title II (NFA) weapons and Title I (shotguns, handguns, rifles) weapons may be inherited. Nelsen Law Offices NFA Trusts have been specifically drafted to be used as highly effective estate planning tools. You will choose who inherits your firearms and other weapons, not the government.

NFA Trusts are completely private and require no annual filings, fees, or renewals. No one will know what weapons your trust owns or that you even have an NFA Trust.


Nelsen Law Offices attorneys have custom tailored their trusts to not only abide by all current BATFE regulations, but to also be extremely user friendly and easy to understand. These are the same trusts our attorneys personally use and enjoy. A Nelsen Law Offices, P.C. drafted NFA Trust is more than just a legal document. Our trusts include start to finish instructions and examples for how to fill out all the necessary forms and paperwork, including the Form 4 and Form 1. Our NFA Trust clients are also given free access to our exclusive NFA Trust Client Resource Portal, where you will find helpful information such as updates in the law, samples for how to fill out all NFA related forms, training videos and much more.


The standard price for an NFA Trust is only $200. If you would like to get started please fill out the below information and one of our attorneys will be in contact with you shortly. If you have a discount or referral code please enter it in the appropriate box below. 



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